Nationality: Polish Canadian
Training: Studied under Spanish artist Nunez Segura.
Artistic Focus: Scenes depicting people and life
Affiliations: Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design
  Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
GIGI grew up in Poland and demonstrated her talent from a young age. As a child, every scrap of paper became a potential canvas as she filled them with her drawings. Many of her pieces were selected for school competitions in Gdansk. She became an accountant and temporarily forsook her art during the 1970’s, a time of great political unrest in Poland as that country struggled against communism. Living under these conditions preoccupied her time and energy.

GIGI moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1980. In 1996 the family traveled to Europe, spending time in Poland, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Italy. During this period she studied under noted Spanish artist Nunez Segura and further developed her distinctive style.

The family returned to Canada in 2001. After settling into life in Edmonton, GIGI pursued her dream of becoming an artist in earnest. Magnificent European architecture, vibrant street scenes from the cities where she lived and people whose faces tell the stories of their lives, have become focal points of her art.

When asked what inspires her to paint, she replied, “What suits the eye and the things that I love and have enjoyed, and that have a story behind them.” GIGI frequently creates a painting involving both detail and activity: a mother and son feeding pigeons in a busy plaza, the birds swirling around them; a gondolier paddling a tourist through the canals of Venice.

Her paintings create pleasant memories of times that were less stressful and life seemed simpler. GIGI ’s desire is to bring peace and joy into peoples’ lives through her paintings.

Working with pastels, charcoals, acrylics and oils, her most recent Art Deco paintings were in a private showing at the Obra Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico. These are inspired by the vibrant life of the Caribbean.

GIGI and family has moved to North Sydney Nova Scotia where she is now adding on to her collection to include scenes of Cape Breton